Frequently Asked Questions

Pingocard will help you establish - Who you are and what you do in one simple link.

A well-managed digital profile is powerful tool to establish your online presence and build your identity. It helps you to create a professional brand, expand your network, advance their careers, and stay competitive in today's digital workplace.

It's not just another link-in-bio, as we always wanted to answer the question - "Why nobody talks about a complete personal profile site?"

That's why we built the simplest way to create a personal profile site answering "who you are and what you do in one simple link".

Yes, you can. You just need to create new account with another email and secure your PingoID.

It is common to have separate pages for creators with multiple brands. However, we discourage the behavior of reserving and holding valuable usernames.

Pingocard does not track any personal data of your visitors. We take privacy and security seriously. We run on the robust Hostinger infrastructure. We also take periodic backups and force SSL encryption across the platform.

Pingocard is a proudly an independent and bootstrapped product, founded by Amit and crafted by Pineapple Group. Check out our story behind Pingocard.

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You can send us an email at [email protected] or use our Helpdesk to raise a ticket on Additionally, you can connect us via our social media channels.