Story Behind

Why we build Pingocard?

It sounds like the easiest thing in the world, to just tell the person who you are, what you do and what you have done before to reach at this level in your life. Nope, not as easy as it sounds!


Everyone knows Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Whether it's a friend, significant other, parent, professor, business connect etc., it's necessary to have good communication, and that will lead to healthy boundaries, happiness, and overall, a mutual understanding.

While thinking on the same level we started thinking about how we can communicate about ourselves crisp and to the point and reduce the time while introducing ourselves. As introduction is the base of any communication.

How Pingocard can solve this?


Most of the times we forget to mention some unique things about us and in a flash we loss the opportunity. So, we started brainstorming and wrote down some ideas and we got to know that many times to break the ice while we meet stranger we share our visiting card and the one who receives it throws some questions at us and we start the conversation because suddenly start feeling comfortable those questions are related to our business.

And we came up with this unique and easy-to-use concept, which is more than a card but not a website.

How Pingocard can solve this?