Bringing magic back to digital profiles

Pingocard is designed, built, and backed by Pineapple Group - a team of creators, thinkers, explorers and executors. We provide it all you need for digital domination, under one expert roof!

We have always been a fully remote company. Today, our small but mighty team is distributed across Europe, UK and India. What unites us is relentless focus, fast execution, and our passion for software craftsmanship. We are all makers at heart and care deeply about the quality of our work, down to the smallest detail.

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Proudly bootstrapped and building in public

Pingocard is proudly independent, bootstrapped and self-funded. Instead of raising money, we run a profitable business supported by our users' ONE TIME PAYMENT fees. Being independent allows us to grow at our own pace, and make choices independently in the best interest of our users.

We're documenting our journey as bootstrapped startup, and share it with you as we grow. From our highs to our lows, we're dedicated to sharing our learnings on the internet and hope to inspire few aspiring makers along the way.

We're proud of how we run our business and help our customers. And of course, we hope you'll join us.

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